Gold Mining Quotes

One of the most potent ways of staying motivated in any endeavour is to keep your mind positive with inspirational quotes. This being a website about gold, we have put together a neat little list of some of the best gold mining quotes, along with a simple explanation of what the quotes might mean. 

The quotes feature as different people as the 19th-century novelist Samuel Butler, the industrialist Andrew Carnegie, and the modern Gold Rush star, John Schnabel. Enjoy! 

Though wisdom cannot be gotten for gold, still less can it be gotten without it

Samuel Butler

What the quote means: Despite the qualms that some might have about striving for money and gold – especially philosophers and minimalists – these things open up for opportunities to achieve exactly what that these sceptical groups desire, whether it be books, or a simple little house.

Even if you’re sitting on a gold mine, you still have to dig.


What the quote means: Even though you might have all the resources you need to succeed with gold investments or capitalize on some opportunity, you must still put in the work of learning, trying, and failing before you can start seeing results. 


What the quote means: Just like the previous quote, this one from the famous Gold Rush TV personality communicates that the more you invest, the bigger are your chances of striking a good investment deal. 

Because silver and gold have their value from the matter itself, they have first this privilege, that the value of them cannot be altered by the power of one, nor of a few commonwealths, as being a common measure of the commodities of all places. But base money may easily be enhanced or abased.

Thomas Hobbes

What the quote means: Gold is a lasting investment. Whereas things like money, and in our case, stocks, can vary a lot according to inflation and changes in the market, gold has proven to be quite a stable investment over the long haul.


What the quote means: In an undertaking, the focus should not be on all of the hard work that must necessarily be done, but on the benefits and rewards you will gain through that hard work. 

Which of these gold mining quotes is your favourite? Perhaps you’ve seen some other quotes that you like more? If so, feel free to share them with us!